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“The box guy’s here! That’s what we cheer when our rep from Custom Corrugated Containers, Inc. comes to see us. Since when do you get excited about seeing your cardboard box vendor? Since we stopped receiving cranky phone calls from our customers.

For 20+ years we used to fill our boxes with shredded paper and popcorn peanuts. Our customers hated opening up our boxes because of all the waste and trash that would come out of them. It’s never good when your customer dreads receiving a shipment from you because of how messy your packaging is!

That’s where Custom Corrugated Containers saved the day. They worked closely with us to design a custom box that fits perfectly with our product – eliminating filler and customer complaints. Their clever use of dividers actually helped us reduce the number of sizes of boxes we used to carry. Our product looks so much more professional in these custom boxes and it’s much more cost effective in the long run.

I especially appreciate the way that the folks at Custom Corrugated stop by our plant periodically, just to check on us. They’re never pesky salespeople, rather welcome partners who go above and beyond to meet our needs. When I get calls from competitive box companies I always politely stop them and say, “No need to waste your time. We have a strong partnership with Customer Corrugated Containers. They give us great service, a wonderful product at a very reasonable cost … it doesn’t get any better than that!"

Shelby, NC


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