About Us

Our History: Custom Corrugated Containers, Inc. was founded by Wayne Forbis in 1972. The company began as a sheet plant to service customers with a need for small quantities of pads, partitions and boxes. Four decades later Custom Corrugated Containers, Inc. has grown to set the standard for new technology in flexo-graphic printing and die-cutting. We now produce laminated displays for point-of-purchase marketing.

Our Future: Dean Forbis is at the helm of Custom Corrugated Containers now. “My father was a man of vision and he taught me to always be on the look-out for new opportunities” says Dean. “We’re not sitting still, we’re moving with the times. Today, that means recycling our raw material and buying from sustainable forests. It also means staying in constant touch with our customers to stay ahead of their needs. Many of our customers are locally owned and controlled manufacturers and distributors. We know how important their products are to them and we give them our very best in product quality and service.”

"Twenty years ago, when we were just starting manufacturing our product we were shipping with whatever boxes we could find.  We make theatrical lighting hardware - aluminum clamps and other materials.  Our products are solid metal and they are extra heavy.  The boxes were constantly breaking or busting open during shipping with our equipment falling out and either not getting to our customers or arriving in poor condition; scratched and broken.  This lack of care in the packaging and shipping end of our business seemed to be the norm for our industry.  Even our competitors were just throwing their products in a box with no care for how they were packaged.

We wanted to be different.  We take great pride in the products we make and we wanted this pride to show all the way down to the way our products were placed in the shipping boxes.  So we worked with Custom Corrugated Containers to make custom boxes with our product names and descriptions on them.  They produced a super durable, double wall box and created a grid pattern of cardboard inserts that divided our products into small groups within the double wall box.  This allowed us to send our products to our customers in perfect condition. 

Custom Corrugated boxes never fall apart or break open in shipping like our other ones did.  In fact, we often get calls from our new customers saying how impressed they are with how our products are packaged.  One customer even said, ‘I opened the box and was so surprised.  Everything was so beautiful.  I’ve never seen a company take such good care of their products like you do.’

We’re a small company and don’t have a lot of storage space in our warehouse.  So we really appreciate Custom Corrugated’s just-in-time-delivery program.  Their rep comes by our shop every week to check on the status of our inventory.  We store our larger run boxes in their warehouse and with one easy phone call they deliver them to us when we need them.
We’ve had some odd ball size needs over the years that are outside of our normal runs and the folks at Custom Corrugated are always willing to help us with these requests. 

Working with Custom Corrugated Containers has truly given us a competitive edge.  The attention to detail in our packaging is a first-impression indicator of our overall level of service and commitment to quality."