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The corrugated container industry is constantly changing to keep up with environmental sustainability, competitive business needs and customer demands for operational efficiencies.  Use the links found on this page to learn more about our industry, how we're leading the way in affordable and sustainable business practices and how we can help you lower costs and improve efficiencies in your business.

Who would believe that a five year partnership generating 30,000 boxes a month could come from a cold call? We were re-launching our product in Charlotte. We were using a standard box for shipping. Our order was small and as a result the service we received from our box vendor was non-existent. Then in walks Richard Currence, a sales representative from Custom Corrugated Containers.

He quickly saw our potential for growth. Where our current box vendor considered our small quantities a nuisance, Richard saw it as an opportunity. He creatively combined our small run with some of their other customer runs to get us into the pricing bracket we needed. Custom Corrugated stuck with us in the beginning and 30,000 boxes a month later, we’re both glad they did. We are very happy to have them as a vendor and as a trusted business partner.”
Charlotte, NC